Dhulikhel- a hub for rabbit meat delicacies

15 November, 2018
Event Date: 24 November, 2018

Hotel Association of Dhulikhel (HAD) and The Himalayan Rabbit Farm (THRF) has collaborated to launch a delicious range of rabbit meat dishes after the meeting held on ..... at Dhulikhel Lodge Resort. As a result of the meet, THRF and HAD organized joint event on 24th November, 2018 at Hotel Himalayan Horizon that comprised of Chefs training to the hoteliers of Dhulikhel about rabbit dish preparation, Pool Side Rabbit Barbeque with live music and the press meet to mark the beginning of a campaign to raise awareness about the health benefits of rabbit meat. 10 Chefs from different hotels in Dhulikhel learnt about preparation of 5 different dishes that came after series of research and development by a renowned Ace Chef Sandeep Khatri (Pak Shastri).  

Ujjwal Chapagain, Managing Director of The Himalayan Rabbit Farm shared that the company will provide essential training and technical support on rabbit production to the aspiring farmers through cooperative and relevant organizations in Dhulikhel. Jyotsana Sainju. Secretary of Hotel Association of Dhulikhel shared that the hotels in Dhulikhel will introduce rabbit dishes to offer its clients with the healthy alternative into the market. Chhitiz Shrestha, the owner of Hotel Himalayan Horizon shared that the hotel will promote rabbit dishes in the days to come as the specialty item in the hotel and introduce it in the menu with the increased demand. Chef Sandeep Khatri stressed the great potential to introduce it into the market because of its rich taste and health benefits, easy cooking process and the meat accepted from centuries ago. 

The Himalayan Rabbit Farm agrees to assure regular supply of rabbit meat by empowering farmers with essential technical support on production and Hotel Association of Dhulikhel agrees to support to familiarize rabbit meat as the specialty of Dhulikhel.