Rabbit Meat By Himalayan Rabbit Farm

16 July, 2020

By Lex limbu,

Rabbits in the farm, how cute!

Rabbits get ready for a photo!

Rabbits in the farm, how cute!

We’ve heard about ostrich farming but have you heard about rabbit farming in Nepal? Belambu based Himalayan Rabbit Farm has been supplying 150kg of rabbit meat every month to restaurants in Kathmandu including Le Sherpa in Babarmahal. Rabbit meat is preferred by the British and French. Even the Nepali consumers are getting used to eating rabbit meat. The farm has been selling their rabbit meat for approximately Nrs 750 per kg to the restaurants in Kathmandu. The owners Ujjwal Chapagain and Sanam Mudbari have been operating the farm for the past six months. Himalayan Rabbit Farm consists of over 500 rabbits of California High Land and Chinchilla species. According to the duo, rabbit farming is much easier than poultry farming and more profitable.

In the village of Nagi and Ramche of Myagdi and Shalija of Parbat, each household rears rabbits and consumes rabbit meat instead of chicken and mutton, according to Neupane. “In Nagi, there are about 100 households and each household has 40-50 rabbits.” According to Neupane, it is the idea of Pun, who got a Magsaysay Award for promoting information technology in Nagi. – Rudra Pangeni (The Himalayan Times, June 6 2013)

Rabbit meat is sold in many places all over the world including UK, Europe and Americas. Apart from its high-protein meat the animal is also farmed for its fur and wool.


Rabbit Sandheko at 1905

Rabbit Salad at 1905

Rabbit Dish Prepared in French Style

Guests Enjoy Rabbit Meat With Wine at Du Chat Perche Restaurant

Hmm! What do you guys think? Have you tried rabbit meat or would you ever try rabbit meat? I haven’t tried rabbit meat yet. I used to have rabbits as pets so I find the idea a little weird to get my head around.