Rabbit Farming Training in Kagatey Gaun with collaboration with Hamri Bahini

16 July, 2020

A 2 days orientation and training program was organized by Hamri Bahini to the local farmers interested in rabbit farming, where the program was facilitated by the Managing Director of the Himalayan Rabbit farm: Mr. Ujjwal Chapagain. The program was divided in two days sessions, where the first day was a training session day, and the other was a field visit to existing Rabbit Farming Village of  Tarkeshwore, Chogaun, which is the Rabbit community formed  with the collaboration with Rotary Nepal and The Himalayan Rabbit Farm.

Activity carried out on Day 1(Training Session):

Rabbit Farming techniques, mechanism, long term benefits and how rabbit farming can improve the lifestyle the village.

A verbal communication of every steps of Rabbit Farming, issues that can be faced, and how it can be overcome was discussed in the session.

Activity carried out on Day 2 (Field Visit Session):

The interested Farmers of Kagatey village was taken to the Rabbit Farming Village of Chogaun, where rabbit farming was introduced to the farmers after the devastating earthquake as a fulfillment of income generating source and solve nutrient deficiency problem.  The interested farmers were asked to clear their queries about rabbit farming and an interactive session was organized between the two parties.

Further, the villagers from Kavre were given the opportunity to analyze the community, hatch visit, and the daily process on how to farm rabbit.

The villagers were also given a practical session on how to handle rabbit, feed rabbit, clean rabbit, and distinguish the male and female rabbit. Also, a practical session on how to mating, separation of rabbit does and buck, separation of rabbit bunnies from doe, process of  keeping the breeding box were discussed and all the queries about rabbit farming was solved.